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The number 1 mistake people make when launching and scaling:

People who fail usually make decisions slowly and change their minds quickly, always bouncing back and forth." - Tony Robbins

When you’re launching or scaling your business, the key to hitting goals again and again is by sticking to what you put out in the world.

I see Founders mess this up all the time. They’ll launch a product, a sales funnel, or a digital funnel and then barely days, and sometimes hours, after launching… they start changing everything.

They’ll change headlines, they’ll change what they’re going to say, they’ll change who they’re targeting.

If you’re guilty of this… stop. Get away from your computer and business prioritize your life. REALLY prioritize it.

You tinkering things will make you better at only one thing: tinkering.

Not what you actually want to get better at: business building.

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