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The Plateau that you're on

Hey mate,

If you want to run a company that scales consistently, you've got to learn how to approach plateaus.

Plateaus are what keep you where you're at rather than where you want to go.

They're everywhere and when you get past one, the next one is even higher up

To succeed, you must build the ability to cross the plateau and climb the next one.

The ones that lose hate the plateaus. The ones that win? Love them

Your growth is not based on the plateaus you encounter, it’s based on your perception of them.

If you're not seeing any plateaus, you're not really pushing your limits. If plateaus are driving you crazy, you've gotta change your approach.

Are you ready to start falling in love with plateaus, to enjoy traversing the one you're on and to be excited for climbing the next?

If you're wondering what the results of loving plateaus looks like, here’s Phat, a Founder in our Accelerator that’s crushing plateaus.


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