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Our Philosophy and Bios Below

We like Founders to have one “meme” or idea that conveys their company's goal for all of its customers.

After some observation, we resurfaced our meme of “Startup Serenity” as our goal for our Founders —

Imagine a relaxed and productive life where you grow a profitable startup that adds 10s of millions in valuation a year.

That’s Startup Serenity

It’s the integration of freedom, profits, valuations, and customer happiness.

You see -- we’ve talked to 1000s of founders over the past decade.

The majority of ones that make it, those that scale their businesses to $100 milion to billion+ valuations do it at a cost.

That cost is their health.


...and their family and friends.

But there's some that do so while doing what's even harder...


They don't misuse their newfound freedom.


They ensure that they meet their obligations to themselves, their groups, and their communities every day. 

This past couple years I’ve lost and almost lost friends.


Friends who have so many innovations they want contribute to the world...


and in the process lose what allows them to do it.

They lose units of life for the sake of ambition.

And without a commitment to life first, ambition becomes short-lived.

This cannot be the norm anymore.

It’s our mission to change the way people build startups,

Not as massive capital vehicles for the wealthy to get wealthier at the expense of the most brilliant.

Not as a way for a founders mind to drive its body into the ground.

But as a way to do it with focus: healthily, consistently, productively, and happily.

That which we call... Startup Serenity.

How can you achieve Startup Serenity?

Make a decision to maximize: Focus, Profits, Valuations, and Customer success.

...And begin to minimize: Fundraising, Complexity, Costs, Headcount, Board-building, Networking, and Stress.

To be honest, this strategy has refreshed our lives and others in the program.

I’ve personally scaled early stage startups at some of the fastest growth rates in the world.

My teams have hired like crazy, had expensive offices, and were spending daily for growth. 

Some grew to run rates in the millions, and some to run rates in the 10+ millions with 10-100 million dollar valuations. It all looked great on paper.

The teachers and professors that wrote my disinterest in guided education off for stupidity (#autodidact) started inviting me back to speak while VCs begged me to mentor their children.

But beneath the surface, it all felt dysfunctional, profit margins were tiny, I didn’t want to talk to my customers, and I started to hate what I had built.


So I began to take time away from Silicon Valley to travel around the world and reformulate what I truly believe Founders deserve.

Now I've fundamentally changed the way I grow startups.

Because when a startup is lean, simple, and profitable at a systemic level — your fervor gains momentum.

The team and I experience daily inspiration and customer success and we’re excited to give that to all of you.

We won’t raise a mega fund, build a huge team, lease a massive office in SF, and we won’t onboard 10,000s of Founders to the program like I had originally planned when I envisioned the accelerator a decade ago...

But... we will hold free cashflow to the highest standard, we will have the world’s best culture, and we will get our founders the most freedom and success possible.

In essence: build startups, serenely.

So if you feel like you’re burning away your life for your contribution and not growing both, or have a sneaking suspicion that you’re numbing yourself to that reality, feel free to hop on a call with us and we can talk about it.

Because sure, joining our program is going to get you either 1m+ or 10m+ in profitable revenue, great valuations, and early liquidity, but regardless of whether or not you join, I want to make sure you put up guardrails so the things that are most important:

1. Those closest to you
2. Your creations
3. Your inspiration

Are not sacrificed.

To your focus,

Apoorva and Team Focused Founder

Apoorva Pande | Focused Founder
A Few Words About Our Founder

Apoorva Pande is a kid from Cupertino, California who left halfway through college to help grow a mobile app company to $10+ million. From there he was hired as the CEO of a 3d printing company at the age of 22, joined a VC firm at a partner level at 23, and created several highly profitable marketing agencies by 28.   


Apoorva is a early stage growth expert who helps companies transform the way they approach customers in the 21st century. He has personally managed growth initiatives for tech startups and has been able to drastically increase the ROI companies receive from marketing campaigns. 


He started Focused Founder when he realized that most founders fail when they lose focus and get lost in the noise of fundraising, press mentions, and awards.


The Founders Apoorva has worked with are some of the fastest growing companies in the world and he has helped them establish themselves from being no name brands to cut-throat competitors.

Our Director of Founder Success

Caroline grew up in Connecticut  and went to College in Tennessee.  From there she got immersed in sales at a Fortune 500, and left to snowboard in Colorado when she didn't feel fulfilled.

After some time on the slopes she began working in tech and now lives to help Founders succeed on their terms, not based on what society dictates is successful. 

Caroline is now an early stage sales expert who has helped create 7 figure run rates for multiple companies. She loves metrics and loves unlocking them even more by solving the human problems that arise in a company.  She has personally sold for pre-product market fit tech startups and loves creating strong personal relationships with Founders.

Caroline helps Founders remove clutter from their lives and brains  so that they can have the quality of life that allows them to dream bigger while changing the world.


The Founders Caroline works with on a weekly basis are on the forefront of the tech industry and care about helping people over everything else.

Caroline | Focused Founder
Focused Founder Team | Startup Accelerators
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Head of Revenue
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Head of Product

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