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Why Focused Founder?

We Now Live in a Post "Growth at all Costs" World

2000-2022 Tech

"Growth at all Costs" Era

Growth Rate = Valuation 

2023+ Tech

"Growth and Profit" Era

Growth + Profit
= Valuation

Focused Founder helps transition Founders to the "Growth + Profit" era because when impactful products don't have a path to market or runway, they are disrupted by inferior products that damage mankind and the ecosystem.

Who we help

We help product-focused founders grow their profits, valuations, and impact if they focus on Green-tech, Health-tech, AI, Data, or Resource Allocation.

We only work with founders who have had previous startup or corporate success, with existing businesses making at least $10,000 /month.

These businesses have all the raw materials necessary for 7-8 figure profits, double/triple digit growth, and high impact in the world but they lack the foundations, tools, and feedback loops for how to get there.



AI, Data, & Resources

What do we do

We help these founders achieve “Growth + Profit” — a startup that makes $10-100k+ /month profit and can grow past $10m in revenue. We do this through our three online accelerator programs that focus on Data, Thought Process, and Experimental Design. Our accelerators aim to maximize: profits, valuations and impact. Our accelerators aim to minimize: complexity, expenses, investors, and stress.


"Know your numbers' is a fundamental precept of business."

-Bill Gates

"For I was conscious that I knew practically nothing..."


It is the weight, not numbers of experiments that is to be regarded.

-Isaac Newton


Thought Process

Experimental Design

Our philosophy

“Growth + Profit combines what’s needed to maximize founder success: profit, valuation and impact. To achieve this, we follow a philosophy built on four core principles:


1. Math - think intuitively, optimize numerically

2. Freedom - optimal structure creates freedom

3. Ownership - outputs come from conscious inputs

4. Simple - elegance comes from doing less

Our team

We’re a fully-remote team of four people.

Apoorva Pande | Focused Founder

Apoorva Pande

CEO and Founder

Creates content, helps Founders, runs the business

Caroline | Focused Founder

Caroline Brennan

Founder Success

Onboards, coaches, and holds Founders accountable to results.



Venture Scout

Finds, qualifies, and helps Founders get accepted into the Accelerator.




Advises through his experience of profitably growing revenue past $100m

Contact us

The best way to contact us is by email -

You can follow Apoorva on Youtube here

You can add Apoorva on Linkedin to get quality content that he personally writes

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