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Feeling Stuck?

People that crush it month over month have one thing in common.

They keep doing things in the right ORDER.

People that lose consistently keep ordering things that they’re doing.

It reminds me of this Gandalf quote,

“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”

Make sense?

The only weapons you have in the world are your decisions of what to focus on and when.

Focus on the right things in the wrong order and you get the wrong results.

But if you focus on the right things in the right order…


Check this out:

Juliana has been transforming agencies for longer than I’ve been an adult. Most people at that level believe that they can’t get any better.

They believe, based on their close rates, relationship building, and expertise/production quality that they’re doing the right things.

But Juliana didn’t do that. She sat down, went through our new process, put it into practice and CRUSHED.

$20,000 in her first 4 weeks.

Heres my point:

In today’s society of free information everywhere people believe knowledge will optimize their lives.

But it matters not how much information you have, it matters what you choose to do with it and when.

Don’t get me wrong, learning is a GREAT thing.

It means that you’re on the path to become a better person

But don’t confuse having learning to you making more impact in the world, to you leaving it better than when you entered.

So in the nicest way possible I’m saying:

You’re prioritizing the wrong thing!

The question is: are you going to shift it to what really matters to you?

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