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Do you manage Time or Attention?

When most people attempt to improve they pick time. The result is they have more free time. To do what exactly they never know.

The best pick attention. The result is they have more free attention. To do what? They know what.

When you have more free time you can pick what you want to do

Most don't.

& others pick for them.

When you have more attention you can do what you picked.

The ones that do:end up with more than enough free time to pick what they want to do.

What matters more: having time to be free, or being free to have time?

You have decades of time. Aggregately you have one decade of attention.

Which one are you more careful with?

What do you want to be better at managing?

Here's an image of Ben Franklin's calendar. Warren Buffet & Bill Gates do the same.

Less time, more attention.

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