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Use Growth Systems to Supercharge your B2b Funnels

If you don't know what growth loops are, here's a link to a summary of them.

At some point the question arises - is it possible to grow without having a "growth system."

The answer is no. Because everyone uses a growth system...haphazardly. Just getting sales every year is having a growth system. But it does not mean that you're doing it systematically.

Everyone has a growth system. But to what extent do they take it is the question.

In order to simplify growth systems, we abstract them based on a model used at Facebook's initial growth stage.

The model comprises 3 phases a customer goes through when interacting with your company.

Acquisition: How do you acquire new users/customers/prospects

Aha!: How do you get them emotionally involved with your company

Core Product Value: How do you solve their problem or deliver value to the individual.

For B2b companies we use the following metrics to measure the success of each phase.

1. Acquisition 2. Aha! 3. Core Product Value

Traffic Calls Product Success

Leads Sales Referrals

Once an initial funnel is set up in a company, in order to scale the funnel without breaking pieces of the funnel we apply growth loops at different parts of the framework

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