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When Sales Funnels Fail - Use Growth Loops

Short Notes:

Speaker -- Casey Winters

Employee -- Pinterest, Grubhub, Greylock partners,

Advisor -- Eventbrite, Airbnb, Thumbtack, Tinder, Pocket, Darby Smart, Hipcamp


Issue: Different departments have different goals

Ie. Product, Money, Funnel metrics

The answer most of them have is MORE MORE MORE (leads, channels, money...etc)

This leads to linear growth.

The best companies have growth that compounds over time.


Growth Loops - A system where your inputs result in actions and outputs that are re-invested into the inputs.

  • Inputs -> Action -> Output -> reinvested into -> Inputs

There are three main types of growth loops: Viral Loops, Content Loops, and Paid Loops.

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