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Meet Founder X...

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

Founder X knew how to help their customers solve complex problems quickly.

What they didn't know was how to become hyper-profitable within months so they could raise capital and attract the highest quality talent.

Let's break it down:

Who? Founder X

Problem: Was growing too fast but wasn't profitable or investable

Solution: Join Refocus Accelerator (my 1-year accelerator program that shows you how to profitably scale to 8-figures with financial modeling and relaxing algorithms).

Did it work? Yep. Founder X stacked 160x of their monthly profit and went to $800,000 in the bank with another 1.2m in A/R less than 6 months!

Here's an excerpt of the transformation —

Here's one of the key things we helped Founder X with —

After getting their sales team dialed in by enforcing tracking and KPIs for their entire value chain, they hit another roadblock, which was having an updated monthly financial system that enforced profits.

They had validated their products, built a great team, were growing their topline, and yet having a profitable business was unimaginable.

The first step was shifting what the startup was designed to do - stack profits, not grow at all costs.

After evaluating their cashflow systems roughly, I discovered that we needed to hire higher-quality talent that could do 5-10x the work, to unlock scale, not just growth.

With this adjustment, their team started optimizing like crazy, ultimately helping to bring in profits within a couple of months.

Can you generate more profits as you scale, at the snap of a finger?

If not, this is a serious problem. And it needs to be fixed asap.

If you want to learn how we build high-growth startups that are profitable in any niche, then fill out this 30-second survey and book a free discovery call:

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