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From 0 to 6-Figures

Our goal at Focused Founder is to empower entrepreneurs to take their businesses to the next level. Through our Accelerator Programs, we enable companies of all sizes to reach new heights.

Ariel and Tianna signed up for the Focus Accelerator Program last June to launch Laptop + Littles — a virtual assistant coaching business designed for fellow moms. In less than six months, we helped them boost their sales from zero to six- figures. Here's what Focused Founder helped them with:

  • Gaining focus: One of the first things we discuss in all our programs is creating a solid business vision.

  • Setting goals: We use advanced reverse engineering methods to help entrepreneurs determine achievable objectives.

  • Having the right mindset: Thinking like a successful entrepreneur inspires motivation, creativity, and resourcefulness. Practicing it daily can change the personal and business aspects of an entrepreneur’s life.

Listen to Ariel and Tianna share their Focused Founder experience here:

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