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Being Happy and Being Productive Aren't Two Separate Things

The problem isn’t that your startup is making you unhappy

The problem is that you believe that being happy and being productive are two different things.

That stretching one way does not influence the other.

That time exists in tight windows and not in the totality of your lifespan, of mankind’s lifespan, of ecology’s lifespan.

Some people confuse happiness with comfort, and there’s truth to the detriments of comfort.

But others confuse comfort with safety and burn their foundations to the ground in search of fiscal paradise, an end to their suffering.

If you are to take this world to the next level

It will not be done by huffing and puffing

Hunched over a desk until the wee hours of the morning

It will be done by being happy and solving problems in a way that prevents new ones while making others happy.

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