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A $60 Monthly Offer Turned $6K Annual Offer: Aaron's Focus Accelerator Experience

At Focused Founder, we empower entrepreneurs from different industries to unlock their full earning potential. We created programs for varying business needs, from testing products to systemizing procedures and eliminating the competition.

Aaron Beadles joined our Focus Accelerator Program — a course dedicated to productization, marketing, and sales. As the Chief Growth Officer for Splash Factory, Aaron was ecstatic about the results for his company. Through our program, he drastically transformed his MGF business catering to e-commerce brands. He went from charging $60 a month for affordable SaaS to $6,000 per year for more profitable customers.

Our Focus Accelerator Program taught him these techniques:

  • Brand positioning: Aaron experienced difficulties in scaling because of several low ballers offering discount products. We helped him position his brand as a valuable partner in his industry.

  • Product differentiation: Our marketing experts helped Aaron gain a competitive advantage over his competitors. We enabled him to communicate what sets his product apart from similar ones in the market.

  • Financial modeling: We guided Aaron with creating risk assessment tools for his company. We focused on developing a predictable growth rate without compromising profits.

  • Cold traffic efforts: During the Accelerator Program, we developed a campaign with Aaron to unlock a new market for Splash Factory. We used selected channels to reach potential clients.

Ready to trade in low-ballers for profitable customers? Book a call with us below to see if you make the cut:

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