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Your Call is Confirmed!

Important: Please watch the one of the 2 videos below before your call. This will ensure you get the most value from our call.

We sent you an email confirming the date/time. Please mark this in your calendar now. 

Myself, or someone on my team, will meet you via Zoom at the time that you selected.

Please make sure you're in a quiet room, no airports, no calls while driving, etc. 


We look forward to helping you grow, 


-Apoorva and Team Focused Founder

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I’ve been in multiple Accelerators, sold companies, have been a late stage VC, read lean startup…etc. Focused Founder’s process has been the easiest and most predictable way to succeed. I’ve been playing the videos in the background on repeat…

-Ram Chella,

Founder of IqI Air

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Its been really really fantastic. It’s really helped our business scale. From no sales at all to $100,000s a month, 40% Month on Month growth…
It’s been instrumental in Strategy, Pricing, Product…the right mental mindset, I really recommend this company

-Andy Hoang,

Founder of Aviron Active

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I think one of the biggest value points has been signaling to the team that we are serious about scaling…the attitude shift alone has been valuable…
Better planning, cashflow understanding, values/hiring, 2x org chart, operationalizing KPIs… These have given a lot of clarity.

-Jan Rippingale,

Founder of Blubanyan

Watch One Of These 2 Videos Before Your Call

Video 1: Refocus Accelerator Mastermind Demo Video

Video 2: Mastermind Case Study Video

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