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Buy Focus Mastermind mini

Hey, Apoorva here, 


CEO of Focused Founder. 


And if you’re a CEO too, then I want you to know something:


The right system can change your life, the trajectory of your business, and the speed at which you scale.


It’s how I’ve grown companies from 300k a year to 10 million a year within 18 months.


So I know: 


You don’t need an incubator, accelerator or a pitch deck. 


You don’t need a marketing agency, PR agency, or Google Search Ads.


And you don’t need to fly all over the world hunting down investors who will, counterintuitively, push you to fail.


You need systems. 


Proven systems that show you how to build a leverage-growth business. 


Then you’ll have a business that grows consistently.


A business with the structures - especially financial structures - in place to actually get you into profit.


The Focus Mastermind is that system. 


No textbook theory. 


No ideological fluff. 


And no hyper-technical B.S. that’s wholly impractical for smaller bootstrapped companies.


Just simple, modern day best practices we’ve already passed on to hundreds of fast-growth startups, all revealed in a series of short, hyper-focused videos and articles.


Want the straight juice on how to profitably add $2 million to your company’s top line?


Step inside The Focus Mastermind. 


How to get real ROI and grow your tech company at Silicon Valley speeds:


Week 1 – Model, Leverage Offers, & Mindset

Week 2 – Transformational Sales

Week 3 – Cold Outbound

Week 4 – Automating a Growth System 

Week 5 – Predictably Increase Demos & Cash 

Week 6 – Executive Focus with CEO Workflows


Other cool stuff you get automatic access to:


  • Online community with founders doing 6-8+ figures in revenue 


  • One hybrid in-person/virtual event per year 


  • The Growth Accelerator program


  • My ‘lost’ Netflix-Style Masterclass series


Your investment


If you join today,  before the deadline, I’ll chop a healthy $1,000 off the regular price. 


Giving you instant access for 1K instead of 2K. 


You get the same help, content and community. Nothing left out.


But before you buy, realize all sales are final, and there is no guarantee.


If that’s a problem, then simply don’t buy. It’s all good.


Everyone else:


See you inside to reliably add $2 million to your top line.

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