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Profitably scale to $10m+ a year with 94 other founders

Refocus Accelerator is a yearly mastermind program that gives you the plan, tools, social community, and management frameworks necessary to achieve “Startup Serenity”.

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Reviews from 7+ Figure Founders

I’ve been in multiple Accelerators, sold companies, have been a late stage VC, read lean startup…etc. Focused Founder’s process has been the easiest and most predictable way to succeed. I’ve been playing the videos in the background on repeat…

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-Ram Chella, Founder of iQi Air

Its been really really fantastic. It’s really helped our business scale. From no sales at all to $100,000s a month, 40% Month on Month growth…
It’s been instrumental in Strategy, Pricing, Product…the right mental mindset, I really recommend this company

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-Andy Hoang, Founder of Aviron Active

I think one of the biggest value points has been signaling to the team that we are serious about scaling… the attitude shift alone has been valuable…
Better planning, cashflow understanding, values/hiring, 2x org chart, operationalizing KPIs… These have given a lot of clarity.

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-Jan Rippingale, Founder of Blubanyan

Learn at your own pace, in your own way

When you're running a 7+ figure business, your time is valuable and we want you to spend it in a way that gives you the most leverage. For that reason, all mastermind components are optional. Use it in whichever way is best for you.

Community of 7-10 Figure Founders 

Join a community of Founders that aren't like the rest. Being a Founder can become lonely, especially when you're around people who follow trends and don't understand why you're doing what you're doing. All Founders in the Refocus Mastermind have built 7+ figure businesses and know that obsession isn't bad, so expect to reconnect with your highest performing self.

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Access to Operating-Founders
On Demand

Get custom advice, feedback, and sometimes empathy from operators who have had and solved similar business and personal problems. You'll have access to weekly Q&A calls, recordings, and 24/7 support.

Live Mastermind Events and Archive

We host four 1-day live events a year. All previous events are available for you to watch in 1080p from your home.  During the events all the Founders in the mastermind jump on a call and work through their toughest problems together with us.