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What Looks Like Weakness Is Actually Strength

Your greatest asset is:

Your kindness.

Your ability to solve problems at scale,

Manifesting itself into your startup,

Is a function of how kind you care to be to your market.

And yet most of us refrain from doing it at scale

To our team.

To our loved ones.

And worst of all, to ourselves.

Being kind to yourself is the lever that magnifies your ability to be kind to your market.

It is the input with an asymmetric output, the ink that writes your story.

And yet, we resist kindness.

After a while you realize, it's because you’re not able to accept your flaws. Your insecurities. your imperfection… as your own.

And when you cannot accept the truth, you can not commit to change.

Those that can be compassionate to everything…even self-sabotage and being unkind to others care more about committing themselves to change.

Those that can't accept their own limitations… their self-sabotage and their ability to be monsters at times… care more about committing themselves to their flaws.

It's recursive causality… and they’re stuck in their own limits.

The good news is… it's recursive causality! which means you can get stuck in your own limitlessness.

All you have to do is be kind once.

Start with yourself.

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