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What Are The Key Learnings on B2B Growth?

B2B growth can get tricky because you can go a lot of different routes with your product. The biggest misconception I see is people build a solution then try to find the market for it.

What you want to do in B2B growth is identify a really specific market, then find out what problem they have, then fit your solution in to solve that problem. And if you do that really well, and the problem you’re solving is important enough, the company will pay you significant amounts of money for it.

The second key learning is, you don’t want to price for how much it costs you to build the product, or solve the problem. You want to price for how big of a problem you’re solving. So, if it’s something that would cost the company $100,000 or $1,000,000, you can charge probably 10% of that or maybe more if it’s an important enough problem.

And so you always want to see what would happen if you didn’t solve this problem in the company and price accordingly, and that’ll stop you from underpricing which is something that’s really, really common in B2B startups. People think “oh if I make it cheaper then it’s probably better” - and that’s not necessarily true.

What’re two mistakes to avoid in B2B growth?

The First is, don’t spend all your time trying to fix the product, adding features, and making it better - spend time on customer acquisitions, solving important problems, and getting people to pay you to solve complex problems

The second is not having a profitable product. A lot of people will sell their products at discounts and just not have enough money to pay themselves salary, and that’s really demotivating. It’s an energy game in the beginning, you want to have a positive feedback loop- I sold this, I made money, now I can pay my employees, etc. You want to have that in place to sustain that positive energy.

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