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Thoughts on Work-Life Balance, Burnout, Anxiety, and Difficulty Sleeping

Work-Life Balance:

I get a lot of questions about work-life balance, and honestly, I do not believe in this concept of balancing these two things, because at the end of the day - they become tradeoffs. What you really want to focus on is work-life integration. Think about: 1. How do you integrate parts of your work and parts of your life together, 2. What are you prioritizing? 3. What’s actually your goal in your business right now?

If it’s already running, if you already have a machine, if it’s already generating revenue consistently - maybe you can take some time off of work for life.

For the most part, integrating life into your work is going to be the unlock for you.

Burnout, Anxiety, Difficulty Sleeping:

There’s probably a reason these things are happening. 1. You’re probably just not healthy. You probably really just need to take some time and get some sleep.

What you need to understand is that having doubts, having anxiety, experiencing burnout, not sleeping well are all normal things, they’re biochemical.

They can be fixed, but they can’t be fixed by just pushing through it. You have to take a step back and ask yourself:

What am I not doing properly with my body and how do I address that?

How do I build up my body in a certain way where I’m not getting these feelings of burnout, anxiety, lack of sleep, and doubts?

If you can’t stop being jealous of people that are doing better than you:

That used to happen to me all the time and someone said to me “the road to bad self-esteem is comparison”. If you compare yourself to other people, you’re guaranteed to have bad self-esteem and that’s going to really mess with you and the way that you’re perceiving reality.

There are a couple of things that you can do:

1) Lower the amount of exposure that you have to these people that you’re “jealous” of because you don’t need to be looking at those things unless you’re doing competitive analysis. It doesn’t really matter what other people are doing. You have to get off Facebook, you have to get off Instagram, you have to get off all of these things that make it look like they have better lives than you. The reality is, they don’t. We’re all human - we all need to eat, sleep, work, that’s most of our lives. Enjoying those things is a very, very small component that doesn’t make them better or worse than you.

2) Identify why you’re feeling jealous - what’s the root cause of that: is it because you feel like you’re not working hard enough? Is it because you feel like you wasted time and feel guilty? Identify what that route cause is, address it, and accept yourself for doing that. Life is life, you are you, what happens happens. There’s nothing really wrong with not achieving what someone else has achieved in whatever amount of time they had.

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