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The Omnipotent Myth

The omnipotent myth: if you knew enough about everything, you can control the future

The impotent truth: when you have too much data, you cannot make a good decision

In this day and age, you’re either a founder that knows every tiny detail about their business...

Or a founder that doesn’t know any metrics other than if they can pay the bills or not 

Both of them are destined for pain and failure.

To control the future, you must only pay attention to that which matters.

That which matters is whether you’re getting closer or further away from your goal:

Of changing the world for the better in the long term.

For you to achieve that goal, you must measure the least amount possible.

While mastering the most throughput possible.

It's neither art nor science - while being an unholy mixture of both.

But the result of doing so, consistently for quarters is to lead growth at speeds that have not been seen before.

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