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Positive Thoughts vs. Negative Thoughts

I used to run towards my positive thoughts and away from the negative ones.

Thoughts come in two main categories.

1. Negative thoughts: thoughts that are painful and hold us back from action

2. Positive thoughts: thoughts that enable action and remind you that you are capable, powerful, and full of potential



I'm sure you can guess which one is better.

What I’ve learned? They're both useless. Filtered by emotion, they lack true substance.

They do not serve any purpose. They contain one thing. The only thing holding you back from serving the world at a highest purpose. Ego.

Most attempt to shed ego. A futile activity

Others attempt to silence ego. A nominal endeavor.

How do you truly win? Pay no attention. Act and remain in-action.

Do. Do it again. Do more. Keep doing.

An object in motion will remain in motion..unless acted upon by an unbalanced force: emotional thought.

The question is: how long will you remain in motion the next time you do something?

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