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Focus on the only thing that matters

The other night I was talking with a Founder and he was really stressed about growing his startup

He was stressed from the amount of features he was making for customers, the countries he had to fly to, the number of partnerships he had to negotiate, and all the team members he had to manage.


I told him to get rid of all that.

“Focus on the only thing that matters.”

He looked at me like I was crazy.

“What’s the only thing that matters?” he asked me.

“Having a business that solves problems. That’s how you win. It’s bettering people's lives and receiving money in return. That’s what really matters - not pumping out features, partnerships, employees..etc.”

When I got back to my apartment in San Francisco, that conversation played over in my head.

Everywhere I look, everyone is obsessed with image.

It’s like they want to seem like they’re building important things more than actually building.

They’re all over the place, drunk on new initiatives and hype, so fixated on winning admiration that they trade novelty and hope for productivity.

It’s crazy.

Those growing by solely obsessing over real-world problems win.

In a world where everyone tries to solve every problem for everyone for free, nobody else gets anything done.

They make a lot of noise.

All talk, no walk.

In a world where everyone is out there telling you how to chase more, I invite you to focus on how to chase less and make everyone come to you.

If you are ready to focus and devour your competition,

I invite you to cut out everything else.

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