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Entrepreneurs vs Founders

As a founder, You are not the chess piece

you play chess

you are not the one in the battle

you are the one who planned the negotiations for peace at the end

you are not the doer

What does that mean?

Entrepreneurs do things

Founders remove things

Entrepreneurs fix things. They toil. They think. x must be done to get to Y scenario. They constantly ask themselves and everyone around them…How do i do it? How am i going to do it?

Founders eliminate obstacles. They toil too. But they know. X doesn’t have to get done to get to Y scenario. They don’t ask themselves questions. They get it done. The only thing they ask themselves is… why must it get done

One works

The other lives

One celebrates

The other thrives

One worries

The other prepares

One runs

The other walks…calmly..towards his destination.

If you ever find yourself wondering if you’re going to get something done

or wondering why circumstances are in your way

ask yourself

am I an entrepreneur

or a Founder

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