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Eliminating Tinkering To Achieve Startup Growth

One of the goals of startup growth is to achieve predictable revenue that stems from launching scientific business methods. However, we find that many of our clients end up tinkering — attempting to improve something casually. While tinkering may eventually lead to specific solutions, it usually ends up in failed projects.

If you want to achieve your business goals, we recommend project planning. It increases productivity, lowers errors, and eliminates unnecessary risks. In this article, we’ll discuss the disadvantages of tinkering and tips for completing projects efficiently.

The Disadvantages of Tinkering

We've seen many of our clients tinker aimlessly, from new business owners to established entrepreneurs who have raised money from billionaires. Eliminating tinkering means avoiding wasted resources, risks, and guesswork.

Wasted Resources

Tinkering leads to wasted resources. Online products like software and apps typically take anywhere between three to nine months and five to six figures to complete. Tinkering with them unnecessarily prolongs these projects and makes them more expensive to build. Sometimes, business owners even terminate them altogether.

Increased Risks

Let’s go back to the software development example. In this industry, tinkering can be an exciting endeavor. However, implementing too many tweaks can turn software from friend to foe. Straying too far from the project plan and making unnecessary changes might lead to unforeseen risks like slow loading times or frozen computer screens.

Giving in to Guesswork

The worst part about tinkering is it makes even the most competent entrepreneurs second-guess themselves. They fall into a launch, second-guess, and change cycle. We’ve witnessed ambitious business owners develop the most innovative products, tinker nonstop, and end up terminating projects because they keep rethinking every aspect of their plan.

Project Planning Tips

Fortunately, there is a faster, more cost-effective, and more efficient way to handle any project — planning. We’ve put together a few tips for entrepreneurs.

  • Have a predetermined sample size: The sample size affects the significance of your results.

  • Measure results scientifically: Make sure they match your desired schedule, budget, quality, and customer satisfaction.

  • Derive conclusions to build the first principles of your business: One of the best approaches for companies is to create new knowledge and solutions from their experiments.

  • Focus on aspects that matter to your business: Before you start tinkering, think of your customers and company first. If you meet all their requirements, you don’t have to make unnecessary changes to a project.

  • Stick to a plan: Every project will implement improvements, but it's not an excuse to stray too far away from your goals.

Achieve Startup Growth With Predictable Revenue

Eliminating unnecessary tinkering from your business can help you achieve startup growth with predictable revenue. We’re growth experts dedicated to helping entrepreneurs take their companies to new heights. If you need help taking your business to the next level, book a call with us below:

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