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Bottlenecks (If you're under 7 figures)

If you're at 0. (aka under 7 figures).

You've got a massive bottleneck somewhere in your business. And if you've got a massive one, you've got a ton of tiny ones too.

There's a reason that the Founders that are growing rapidly year on year make it look easy.

It's because it is for them.

Quickly removing a tiny bottleneck can drastically increase your company size.

Slowly reducing a massive one can slightly increase your company size.

If you're thinking...wait that can't be right:

The best founders I know change the least.

The rest change everything all the time.

The thing about growing companies is effectiveness. And the thing about effectiveness isn't efficiency. Its reducing variables. It’s making quick informed decisions about better and worse. Output and no-put. Iterations not ideas.

So if you're stuck at 0..stop focusing on the massive problems. Focus on solving tiny ones that drastically increase your effectiveness.

Then compound them. Again. And again. And again.



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