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A Dead-Simple Way to Sell Anything: The Gap

I remember I used to wonder why my products and services weren’t selling online. I was doing everything like everyone else, but nothing was clicking...seriously nothing. None of my agency clients were getting any sales and I was sweating while swirling my wineglass during board meetings, pretending everything was ok.

Then someone hit me with the truth: there’s a specific mental model everyone needs… not to buy products, but to stop procrastinating in their lives.

If a company is able to provide it, their prospects are overcome with an overwhelming sense of peace.

When that happens and only when that happens, they buy your products with enthusiasm - even expensive, futuristic, and unimaginable products.


Through the gap:

It’s generated over $25 million for our customers. It’s taken companies viral internationally. It’s turned around dying venture capital firms, flailing tech startups, and marketing agencies. And if you use it I guarantee you you’ll stop wondering if you’re crazy to do this startup or agency thing and start scaling up like no one else in your industry.

The easiest way to do so online is to answer the following questions:

  • What do you do?

  • Why is it relevant to them?

  • Can you prove it?

  • Can you show them how to get started?

When you determine where the gap is, you can determine how you fill the gap.

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