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3 Pieces of Advice for B2C Startups

I always push the B2C companies to have a B2B arm - because you’re going to get a lot more profits that way. All major companies became major companies when they started selling B2B - Facebook, Google, Linkedin, they all started consumer and they only started bringing in significant revenues in the billions when they went B2B. So, the faster you do it the better.

For B2C, B2B2C SaaS companies from a growth strategy point of view: Pick one, don’t do both - you can’t split your time. All you have is time and money, and both of them are scarce at this stage. Pick one and then go hard on that, then find the market you want to actually build this for, find what problem they have, see if your solution is something they would pay for - and if it’s not, just keep asking the market: what would you pay for, what is an issue, what keeps you up at night? The most important strategies for mobile app growth targeted for individual consumers: Mobile App growth is really, really interesting because you have 2 things that’ll grow the company really fast. One is you have people sharing the app through word of mouth, or socially, or whatever mechanisms you have in the app to have it shared. The second is, ranking on the mobile app stores. If you rank in the mobile app stores in the top 50 or top 100 then you’re going to snowball that organic growth effect - and you’ll probably get 5,000 -10,000 downloads a day just by doing that. Whenever you do a launch, whenever you buy advertising, you want to align it so that you can hit the mobile app store. There are a bunch of different metrics and they have different algorithms for how they do it, but downloads per day is pretty big, so if you can get all of the downloads in the same day - that’s really big/ if you can get reviews, that’s really big too, so if you can do both at the same time, that’ll start ramping you up.

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