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A new growth model for tech companies

More than 100 Founders - both bootstrapped and VC backed -  have used Focused Founder's no-code tools and masterminds to unlock new customers, large profits, more time, and world class teams.

Level 1


Add up to $2m in revenue from growth systems

Level 2

Grow past $20m by collaborating with Founders

Level 3

Scale past $100m

in a group of the top Founders

Trusted by Bootstrapped & Funded Founders


Validated Systems

Results from our Masterminds



AI & Data

"We are an 8 figure revenue company now and it felt calm... thanks to the work to become scaleable... 25+% of all solar produced (uses our product)"

Founder: Jan Rippingale, CEO of Blubanyan
(Goldman Sachs 10KSB) 

Product: Refocus Accelerator

“We were starting off with no sales at all... and now we're doing hundreds of thousands a month... It's been instrumental"

Founder: Andy Hoang, CEO of Aviron Active (Y Combinator'21)

Product: Refocus Accelerator

"When we joined we were at $8k a month... in the last 30 days we did a little over $100k"

Founder: Adrian Patel, CEO of Mailmonitor

Product: Growth Accelerator

Screenshot 2022-11-25 at 3.50.12 PM.png

"It was a very frustrating year, and then I met Apoorva... and he put a structure to everything"

Founder: Jordan Gagne, CEO of Limitless Growth

Product: Growth Accelerator

"We did 35k in one month ...and we also signed 145k in revenue share agreements"

Founder: Phat Le, CEO of Blest (Thiel Fellowship '17)

Product: Growth Accelerator

Screen Shot 2021-09-16 at 4_08_23 PM.webp

"Apoorva, [is a] demand gen guru, I have worked with him and he can help build pipeline fast."

Founder: Arun Lal, CEO of Contiq

(Plug and Play)

Product: Growth Accelerator

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