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The Focused Founder Offer

Scale quickly and predictably

Qualified Founders receive the Focused Founder offer, lifetime access to the Accelerator program, a community of profitable founders, and investment at their next fundraising round.


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Purchase to join

Based on your current revenue, you will get access to one of two cohorts (0-1m/year & 1m+/year)

Pending Qualification

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Grant Equity to join

 Grant warrants for support as you scale and/or let us contribute at your next fundraise (max 1%)

Sample Contract
Sample Contract

The Benefits

Lifetime Access to the Accelerator 

Meet with an Advisor and other profit generating Founders weekly.

Quarterly Masterminds

See what the best are doing, keep your inspiration alive, and make some lifelong friends.

E-learning Platform

Install the systems into your company that have profitably scaled startups up to 1.5m/month from scratch.

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