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The Focused Founder Offer

Scale quickly and predictably

Qualified Founders receive the Focused Founder offer, lifetime access to the Accelerator program, a community of profitable founders, and investment at their next fundraising round.


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Purchase to join

Based on your current revenue, you will get access to one of two cohorts (0-1m/year & 1m+/year)

Pending Qualification

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Grant Equity to join

 Grant warrants for support as you scale and/or let us contribute at your next fundraise (max 1%)

Sample Contract
Sample Contract

The Benefits

Lifetime Access to the Accelerator 

Meet with an Advisor and other profit generating Founders weekly.

Quarterly Masterminds

See what the best are doing, keep your inspiration alive, and make some lifelong friends.

E-learning Platform

Install the systems into your company that have profitably scaled startups up to 1.5m/month from scratch.

  • What is’s business model?
    We believe early stage equity should be reserved for Founders so we charge Cash, Warrants, and/or Invest in your startup. Cash. For those under $1m/year in revenue: One time up front fee for Lifetime accessFor those above $1m/year in revenue: A Yearly access fee to other founders racing to profitable $1m/months. It will be your action to initiate the payment to join the program. You can reach out as often as you’d like. We will respond every time. Equity If you qualify, we’d like to own 1% of your company.Since we would like to own 1% of 1000 startups that surpass Billion dollar valuations, getting accepted puts you in a community of Founders that are validated operators This can be achieved through any combination of warrants and sale of shares. You can grant us 1% in warrants based on milestones that we agree that we mutually achieved together, or we can buy 1% of your startup.
  • What do you actually do?
    Once you join the program, we'll run a quick diagnostic of which systems are deficient, and then execute on a plan to eradicate the risks from those deficiencies. You will learn and execute at your own pace through one or more of the following. 1. Our online portal of videos, fill-in-the-blank templates, and worksheets 2. Our online community where you can ask questions 24/7 3. Our 1-2x weekly group Q & A calls for deeper insights 4. Our 1x a week mindset and meditation calls to help you focus 5. Our 2x a month social calls where we destress and play games together (some people bring drinks) 6. Our 1x a Quarter mastermind sessions where we dive deep for 4-6 hours on all Founders' scaling issues and personal life constraints We know your life can get busy at times, so everything in our program is optional.
  • What are your processes/systems?
    If you're under $1m/year in revenue you will install one or more of the following systems to reach $1m 1. Profitable Product 2. Outbound Sales 3. Inbound Marketing with Experimentation 4. A combo of Brand & Virality If you're under $10m/year in revenue you will setup 4 Foundations that will allow you to scale without burning out 1. Personal Focus 2. Finance 3. Growth 4. Product/Team
  • Have you had any notable companies go through your program?
    Everyone has their own definition of notable, but you can see some of the companies that are willing to make their revenues public in our process and case studies video here:
  • What makes you different from other Accelerator programs?
    All we care about is whether or not your free cashflow is multiplying every year. If you want to cash out early through secondary markets, we can show you that as well, but we will not help you tell a better story to get a better valuation. In our program you will go step by step to eliminate startup risks, hit milestones, and ensure your team is getting better over time so that there is no chance of your business failing. We prefer lean teams over large ones, a Founder's health over hustle, and simplicity over complexity. As a side note, most investors consider themselves lucky if 4/10 startups work out. Over 80% of the Founders that go through our programs become profitable.
  • How do you choose which startups to accept into your program?
    We only work with Founders that are building their startups for more than just money. If you are a first time founder and need the capital from an exit to fund your next idea that will help the world, be sure to mention it so that your chances of getting accepted increase. Our core areas of interest are: Health: This ranges from personal health startups to environmental & sustainable technology. Truth: This ranges from e-learning to data analytics. Future: This ranges from commuting and resource allocation/creation startups to aerospace and the future of computing.
  • How much do you invest and at what valuation?
    If you qualify we will invest what's required to get 1% of your company at the valuation that you request in your next round. This is a partnership and we have no desire to take more equity than is necessary.
  • If we participated or are currently in another accelerator, should we still apply to Focused Founder?"
    Yes, you can still get accepted if you are in another accelerator program and we encourage it. Keep in mind that we will thoroughly screen you to see if you actually care about profit as a means to scale and not just as a means for further funding.
  • When do you accept startups? Is it cohort based?
    We accept 7 startups a month into our grow profitably to $1m program and 9 startups a month into our scale to $1m/month program. We do not currently structure cohorts because Founders that get accepted tend to be at significantly different skill levels and revenue levels but we are considering implementing cohorts in the future.
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