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What We Do


Focused Founder transitions early stage founders from traditional sales and marketing to growth systems through our online Accelerator program for Founders. An early stage startup is below $10 million/year in revenue, regardless of investment level.


Our growth systems add at least $300k a year to revenue and at their peak have generated $50,000 a day. 


When Is This Appropriate For You?


When one or more of the following applies:

  • If you’ve realized you can’t do this on your own

  • If you want to do it faster

  • If you want to go through a proven “growth” process with other people who are already successful entrepreneurs who have done this multiple times  

  • If you know you want to learn from practitioners - everything we teach is derived from the exact systems and processes we’re using to currently grow our companies. 




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How To Get Started


To apply to Focused Founder, you just need to fill out an application form and book an interview call. 


On the call we work with the most promising startups to develop your go-to-market plan to get them to their revenue goals so bring all parties involved to the interview. If we think you’ll execute, we make acceptance decisions immediately afterward and you’ll get access to our online accelerator program. 



Most of the Founders of each startup we engage with (and always the CEO) are expected to go through the 7 week online course. During those 7 weeks, Founders participate in weekly group office hours and can meet with partners and experts for weekly office hours as needed. Founders are also added to a Slack mastermind group filled with serial entrepreneurs aligned with the same goals as you.


This is not a bootcamp, agency, consulting program, hands-off advisory...etc. This program is for you and your team to implement the same systems that generate revenue, profit and investment for our own startups while building the habits, routines, and system mindsets necessary to optimize them. 

How it’s Delivered:

Once accepted, you’ll have lifetime access to our Accelerator Program which contains: 

  1. "Growth" Online Course - 7 Weeks of content. Always updated with worksheets, templates, and videos to guide you through implementation of the systems

  2. Skool Mastermind Group - Filled with Serial Entrepreneurs from all over the world. 

  3. Weekly Group Office Hours - Hands on, screen shares with mentors to review Growth, Sales, Metrics, Implementation Bottlenecks, & Strategy.


An Overview of the Online Course

Week 1: Intro and Designing Your Profitable Offer

Week 2: Selling Your Profitable Offer

Week 3: Attracting Excited Buyers

Week 4: Exponential Growth Through Growth Experiments

Week 5: Digitizing Your Sales Process with Metrics and Creative

Week 6: Automating Your Marketing and Sales Machines

Week 7: Accelerating Your Product Market Fit Engine

*Bonus* Week 8: Brand, Virality, and More

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