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If Monday = Bad, Weekend = Good, then Read This

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

Tomorrow's Monday. For most business owners that means dread.

Why? Because something is going to go wrong.

Goals wont be hit, deadlines will be missed, expectations will be dashed.  

I hate to be in a state of dread, to be in a rut where the balls getting dropped.

So whenever this happens to me, I take a look at what the best are doing and copy their processes.

Let's take one of the top Chefs in the world and see how he solves it:

Gordon Ramsay's show Kitchen Nightmares documents him going around the world and doing turnarounds for restaurants.

After watching 5-10 of them you'll notice that the process to run a successful restaurant is the exact same.

1. He takes a look at the product. He asks:  Is it bad? Who's fault is it? Does the owner take responsibility?

2. He takes a look at the experience. He asks, Is it bad? He then asks: Who's fault is it? Does the owner take responsibility?

3. He then looks at the distribution. He asks: Is it bad? Who's fault is it? Does the owner take responsibility?

He'll then confront the owner about taking responsibility for whats going wrong and if they don't he leaves. If they do, he gives them the right info and the restaurant is successful again.

What's crazy is that after helping grow over 100 startups and agencies I've started to notice that the drastically successful ones go through the same process.

For the best, its really simple. They take responsibility 're focusing on getting a bad product and a bad experience out there. Then when they turn on their growth systems, things explode.

So what I'm saying is if things are going wrong, it's your fault.

And thats ok.

Only once you accept that you'll be able to do what successful people do: take radical responsibility and ask for help.

If you're ready to do that to drastically change your trajectory go ahead and apply for one of our accelerator programs here.

At the time this is being written, we've taken 10s of startups and agencies from 0 -> 6 figures 5 to 7 figures and one to 8 figures and we're excited for you to join our community of winners.

If you're not ready to do that then, maybe its time for me to leave :P

Cheers from San Francisco,


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